80's Re:Covered
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Samantha Fox: From Page 3 to covers

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Of course, I would’ve loved to be one of the MANY music bloggers and music reviewers to deal with Adele’s new album, but, just out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but browse through the list of recent releases, to spot who dared to release anything in the same week as Adele in the first place!

To my shock, and somewhat horror, I ran into a familiar name from the 80s. Is it really? Nah, couldn’t be! Let’s have a listen, OMG, yes it is! Samantha Fox??????? And she’s singing an old disco song??? Whaaat?! How camp is this? LOL! I can’t believe she’s still at it.

There’s no way, if you are a person loving 80s music or the 80s era altogether, that you don’t know who Samantha Fox is. I remember her all too well. She was one of those girls, who was fully grown, and introduced the boys to that way too soon.

Together with Italian singer, Sabrina (“Boys Boys Boys”), she drove the boys in my class crazy. Mind you, this was a time, when we weren’t exposed to female nudity to the extent we are today. So, the fact that these two did show their boobs was shocking. Whereas now, it’s probably more of a shock if a female singer would keep her clothes on.

But, where Sabrina was a one hit wonder, Sam Fox was someone who managed to make it last a few years, having had several hits: “Touch Me”, “I Only Wanna Be With You” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”, to name a few.

As part of the album, “80s Re:Covered”, she’s one of the many 80s pop favorites who covered other people’s hits and giving it an 80s sound. The lineup includes Kim Wilde, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Go West, Johnny Hates Jazz and Curiosity Kills The Cat.

While Sam Fox’s “Hot Stuff” sounds incredibly cheesy, containing all the 80s elements, even to the point, where she’s putting a growl in her singing like she’s Tiffany, other tracks I’ve spotted on the album’s track listing, sound more intriguing. I’m kind of curious about Go West’s “Human” (originally by The Killers) and Kim Carnes “Under My Thumb” (originally by The Rolling Stones).

Samantha's song appears to be chosen as the lead single for the album and judging by the promo, I would have to agree that it's probably got the most energy that relates to a wider audience today.

The single, as well as the album, has got one thing going for it, and that is familiarity. You already know all the songs and to hear old 80s act sing it, is a bit of an interesting twist. I really didn’t know that any of these artists were still around. The album is sure to provide good entertainment at a party.

Samantha is very proudly tweeting about her track and the album, and apparently is even working on a new album of her own.