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Adele's Alter Ego

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You know you are in trouble when your last two articles are about the same artist and even more so when this article will fall right next to one of the best Kurrent Music writers (sufferhead) blog's titled "Why Adele 25's Failed to Impress Me". Heck, this article even comes very close to breaking Kurrent Music's golden rule of not writing about gossip...But this is Adele and the BBC, C'mon, you understand it is too good to pass up, right? 

Ok, so here's the story: equipped with a prostethic chin and nose, Adele, took part in a prank with the BBC's Graham Norton last friday when she joined other Adele impersonators as a nanny named "Jenny". However, even after faking nervousness and missing the initial cue, once she opened her mouth, there was no doubt of who she really was and other impersonators broke in tears watching their idol perform just a few feet away from them. Just watch it yourself...

So there you go Sufferhead, if you are not impressed by Adele's 25 you will for sure be with her sense of humor and her totally down-to-earth attitude. After all, it is not too often stars of this caliber take the time to meet and sing with her fans on an intimate setting.  

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