Julia Westlin
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Hello Julia Westlin!

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We all knew as soon as Adele released her latest smash hit "Hello"  many covers would soon follow like  Regina Love's from the popular televised singing competition The Voice to your local high school talent presentations and, in between, there would be a bunch of covers released by YouTubers trying to capitalize on zillions of people searching for the song. Believe it or not, some like the one from the beautiful Alice Olivia have accumulated over 2 million views! One, in particular, captured our attention: Julia Westlin. 

Julia's rendition is somehow minimalist, with just a keyboard behind her strong voice. However, as the song progresses, Julia's vocals gain more confidence and she really starts to let loose and left us wondering if she was really that good. So we kept listening and came across her beautiful rendition of Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do. Kept listening and came across at her original Last Goodbye. At this point we were convinced! 

We know you are tired of covers and especially at Adele's Hello, we know it is difficult to get away from it. However, sometimes cool new artists just surface when these songs hit the stratosphere, so lets just hope this is Julia Westlin's chance to make it. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy Hello, one more time!