Jaymes Young
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I'll love the world like I should

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I've been looking for some inspiration to write for few days now. And I became very sad and angry, because I've been listening to TOP 40, TOP 100 charts. That music. Oh my... It is not listenable. Pure frustration in those tunes. I felt like I'll never find something new and worth listening.

Then came Jaymes Young and I'll Be Good. I almost cried. Ok, not because of the song, I loved the song, but it didn't make me cry. But because I finally found something new and good! Great actually!

I'll love the world like I should. Those are the words we need to hear from time to time and think about them deeply. Jaymes made a song out of those words making us think that we're all demons and devils sometimes, but it's in the nature of people. Noone is perfect, but if we just think and try to be good most of our time, we've already done alot for us and everyone around us. Just thinking in our thoughts how thankful we are for what we've got, health, family, children, job.

We should all show a little appreciation to the world we live in. This world is our home and will be till the rest of our lives..

Jaymes McFarland is his real name, but he is better known by his stage name Jaymes Young. His first EP came out in 2013. Jaymes i s not mainstream and I guess he will never earn as much as the trendy music artists do, but his music is full of feeling and true states. He speaks through music and not for money but for himself. If people like him, they'll love his music and he will not hide.

His music is very calming and with electro bits, but his voice is very natural. He sounds like he's not trying, it's just the way he sounds. And I love that a male voice sounds beautiful and natural like that. The EP from 2013 is great to listen to, too. I like his style. He's just a guy you could see in the streets any time and not notice him, being just ordinary like everyone else and not knowing about his great talent.