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Hailee Steinfeld Headphones and Haiz

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Where others struggle a lifetime to get a music career going, Hailee Steinfeld seems to have stumbled upon it by accident. Appearing as an actress singing in the Pitch Perfect sequal, she then appeared featured on a track with Shawn Mendes and within no time a record company signed her. All in the course of a year, btw.

Just last year, she was talking to some record exec about wanting to do music and, now, a year later, the world was eagerly awaiting what she was going to do.

Recently, on November 13th, she’s released the EP “Haiz”, following the success of the debut single “Love Myself”. All four songs on the EP continue in the edgy pop sound of “Love Myself”.

“Haiz” refers to a nick name of hers, which friends had been using for a while. The font used on the cover, neon pink letters, makes you expect a potential 80s electronic sound, but that’s not what the EP brings you at all.  

You can really hear all the songs are written by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter , because most of them, have a moment in there that remind you of Selena Gomez’ “Good For You”,  also written by the two.

A few songs combine the sultry and airy vocals that you know from the Selena Gomez track and mix it with the power known from Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”, for which Hailee appeared in the video. It makes it a weird mix at times, that has to grow on you.

This also makes it the commercial fit that any record company would look for, who wants to ride the current wave. It’s the sound that’s trending right now. However, that also means that Hailee is missing her own identity and sound as a singer. She really does sound like everyone else, which you either love or hate about her.  

Having said that, the girl is 18 and this is her first attempt, so who knows where it will lead from here. She definitely begins with a good team around her. A dream start to many pop stars.

I’m sure the EP will lead to a full debut album next year. The press is eager to feature her and, even though pop stars are getting younger and younger, we’re currently missing a female teen star now the last batch are all growing up (Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato to name a few).

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