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Can you just imagine that?

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Since a pianist played “Imagine” at the scene last Friday, directly after the attacks, in Paris, France, the world has once again embraced John Lennon’s legendary dream.

The words he wrote in 1971, inspired by Yoko Ono’s earlier poems, expressed a desire for a world in peace, union and love. Now, we’re 44 years later, and those words, as well as the dream he described, is still accurate today.

We’re at a time where a lot is happening and the world is constantly changing, at the highest pace ever.

I recently saw a Discovery show called “Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. In an episode about evolution, it was described that evolution works at random, meaning that everything evolves. The good, the bad, the ugly. You can tell it does in the human race.

A French dad, during an interview in the TV show “Le Petit Journal”, explained to his son that, while there are people who use guns and bombs to make their point, others use candles and flowers.  Both represent protection. Madonna, in her emotional speech during her Stockholm concert, raised the same point. While there’s a lot of bad stuff going on, there’s still more good in this world.

What you might not think of on a daily basis, is that we are already so dependent upon each other to provide us our daily comforts. The smartphone is the result of great minds from the States, computer chips from Europe and materials developed in Asia. Electricity, fuel for your car, food, and even the clothes you wear, are partially or fully imported from other countries.

Most of the people I work with, live in other parts of the world, and, in some cases, this allows us to provide a 24 hour continuity in the work flow, together. This has been a great opportunity that Internet has brought to our world. Distance no longer is a problem.

Distance is also not a problem when it comes to sharing information. We hear about events as they happen, regardless to where they happen. And yes, the press, in their conquest for ratings and sales, neglect all news in their chase for the big headlines, but social media is gaining more ground to balance it out and provide the rest.

Social media also shows our incredible solidarity, as well as our judgement.

To a certain extent you could say we’re getting to a world where “there’s no countries”, the way Lennon described in his song, and we’ve even also achieved a certain amount of a “Brotherhood of man“.

I recently started blogging about Uber for a website. Uber, Lyft and apps like AirBnB have constructed what is described as a ‘sharing economy’.  It’s partially based on helping each other out and making a living by doing so.

Altogether, the Internet is full of tips, tricks and life hacks shared by many. Just “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world ”

So, imagine that! We already are well on our way to a world John Lennon had in mind.   

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