Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift's cheesy Wildest Dreams

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Taylor Swift is like a girl from high school that you would never notice. She is pretty, but not special. Her style is like everyone elses, but seems like you've put all that glamorous clothes on a young girl who's wearing it like a teenager, not like a woman. Her music is nothing special as well.

Wildest Dreams is classic new wave pop music, low quality pop music. Because she is on the radio all the time and I listen to the radio while I'm in the car, I know her song, but had no idea who Taylor Swift is until I started seeing her all over the media. As a young fashion icon. Well, even in those photos she looks like a teenager with a lot of make up.

I am actually fond of her, but because I feel sorry for her. In that world of monsters, she seems like Alice In Wonderland. And I like her because of that. The Wildest Dreams Video - already seen! Taylor, being beautiful and changing outfits in the middle of desert, while a love story is going on with the main actor. He wants to be with her, but they fight. He ends up with someone else on the Red Carpet, while Taylor arrives alone. Cheesy! We've seen it all already! She's heartbroken, but he comes running after her unsuccessfully, because she's already gone. Cheesy!

I have to admit, she is ambitious. She's been in Top 10 since last year, with every new single. She enjoys the fame and you can see it. She became friends with all the fashion stars around her and she's working on her image. She's doing it well for now and she's been adored all over the world. It seems like I am the only one in the world with an opinion like this, because she has to be loved, being in Top 10 artists for a while now.

This kind of music gets on my nerves sometimes while I listen to it on the radio and I am not aware of it. That happened with Wildest Dreams the other day. I was just driving in a car, listening to the radio and being on my own with my thoughts. I suddenly became very nervous, and what was the reason?? Wildest Dreams. I have no tolerance for cheap lyrics and music made with no effort.

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