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MØ : Kamikaze

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Since discovering "Pilgrim" on Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist in 2013, it has been clear to me that MØ is an artist that deserves my attention. Following her recent collaboration with electronic group, Major Lazer, and French DJ and rapper, DJ snake, MØ has received an influx of hard-earned air time. "Kamikaze" is just one of the recent releases that MØ has gifted to us.

What is enjoyable about MØ's sounds is that they are both party-ready and delightfully weird. Singer-Songwriter Karen Marie Ørsted, the woman behind MØ, confesses to having been drawn to punk music as a teenager, and even fronted a punk band prior to kicking off her solo career. This information is unsurprising to learn, as the unapologetic attitude of MØ's music is reminiscent of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. 

"Kamikaze" features Eastern influences in the instrumental line, and the song as a whole has a significantly produced sound without losing the individuality that makes it unique. The sound and content of the song is much brighter than previous releases such as "Waste of Time" and "Walk this Way". The lyrics have a playful, edgy twist to them while maintaining their writer's quirky style. The key phrase, "Take me to the party, kame kamikaze" hints at an undertone of self-destruction running through the song. Although this is a party song, "Kamikaze" is far from generic as it blends the strong clarity of Ørsted's voice with an intricate and varied instrumental backing.

The music video for MØ's colourful track features Ørsted in a series of opulent meets street style monochrome get-ups.One scene shows MØ with a bejewelled face, and each frame has a healthy dosage of the stranger side. We see a barren landscape, a car on fire serves as a backdrop in one of the recurring scenes that the video consists of. We see fights breaking out, street artists spraypainting a vehicle and impressive dance moves by Ørsted and her badass companions. The singer's onscreen crew is made up of drag racers, BMXers and a neon alice band donning horse. The singer appears to be having a great time throughout the film, but the colourful destruction around her again suggests a deeper meaning.There is not a hint of dullness in the song or the video and this is a consistent theme in MØ's music. For this reason, MØ is definitely an artist whose career is worth watching. To echo the chorus of "Kamikaze", I ain't never gonna get enough of MØ.