All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (Deluxe)
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Young Aurora

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I did not think she was only 19 when I saw her video Runaway. I was very surprised when I read she was born in 1996. She seems very mature and like she knows what she's doing. She has a specific singing style and a colourful voice.

I love woods and fairies, you can imagine how I felt when I heard her song and saw the video. Snow, woods, wind and long, swaying dresses. Calmness took over me. That's the proper word, I would say. Runaway calmed my spirits.

It's an interesting story that Aurora starting making music for publically when her mother suggested it to her by saying her music might help people. It really does have soothing tone. It's all about nature around her.

It seems like I'm very visual. Videos mean alot to me and they make me feel the song even more. Later, when I listen to the music, I visualise strongest scenes. I guess that is why Aurora showing up in a furry coat in the middle of the video was so surprising to me. I did not expect it.

Let's get back to Runaway. She's got five singles out by now and those are: Awakening (2013), Under Stars (2014), Runaway (2015), Running With The Wolves (2015) and Murder Song (2015). Runaway was spotted in UK on the streaming service Spotify reaching a million streams after just six weeks.

Katy Perry became a fan and twittered about Aurora being a great new artist. Afterwards, she showed up at Aurora's gig in LA.

Aurora Aksnes was born on 15th June 1996. in Bergen, Norway. She was 10 when she first got in touch with music. She found an old, forgotten electric piano that her parents used to play and she enjoyed in music she would produce. She used to do it only for herself and family. Luckily, today it's here for our ears!

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