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Where Is The Noise?

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Noise rockers from Los Angeles had two great albums that catapulted them into the orbit of the most intriguing noise rock bands. Enigmatic sound sprinkled with electronic, neo-psychedelic and dark post-punk tones seemed like a good recipe so everyone recognize them as a band who has a bright future. Their debut album was really high quality noise rock effort that will be remember as the best thing they have created.

It took them six years to release the new album and that big hiatus has reflected on their sound. Experimentation that once was their motif is now reduced to pop melodies and it is definitely not a good move. It’s like they have decided to put something out there because they felt like it was the time. Health thought pop is genre they should dive in and I think they have drown in it. What they have made is considerably worse than their first two records. They have become just another basic electro-pop band.

I don’t know what was their goal, but listening to Death Magic, I was wondering where did the noise rock and psychedelic go. Everything good is out of focus here. What’s left is desperate electronic – pop. Why, oh why?

Every song sounds the same. The iteration of album is exhausting. Dark Enough might be the only song worth mentioning since there are some traces of noise matrix and electronic is more subtle than on the rest of the album. If there were more stuff like this, the final result would be far better.

Opening tracks Victim and Stonefist are indicators of confusion, without any passion we were used to. Middle of the album is ok. I liked the chorus of the track called Life. Hurt Yourself and Drugs Exist closed the album in the same way that it started – confusing and boring.

Album with only two good songs is definitely not a recommendation. Health need to take better care of their music health.