20 #1's Worship
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Going for Number 1

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I have a confession to make.

Sometimes, I could be stuck in just listening to 3-4 songs in an album simply because they are the ones that strike the musical chords in both my heart and mind. It is not that common for me to find one given album with all its songs able to capture my attention. And so albums released by Sparrow Records like Worship Together 20 #1's Worship are a source of delight for me.  This particualr album, thankfully, includes a number of my favorite praise and worship songs. Released just last June, I would say it's like they have given me a Christmas gift as early as the middle of the year.

The songs in the album are not new ones but they have been previously recorded by other artists including Chris Tomlin and Hillsong. I would say these songs are top favorites among many worship teams and churches since their first released and well, even now. And although these are not really new songs, they are somehow given a fresh take in the album.

I appreciate the album's song order which offers a rich total of 20 selections. It begins with the quite popular How Great is Our God  and then closes with How Great Thou Art. It brings to my mind how worship music has also journeyed with the times from it being sang with the use of hymnals to its contemporary, more modern approach. And while, I would say that all the song choices in the album would land a top spot on my playlist, I can still say that I love best the version of How Great Thou Art here.  

If you love praise and worship music, I would say that this album truly deserves a space in your listening time. It gives you the privilege with just one album to go for what's number 1.