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Demi Lovato Confident Album Review

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Pop sensation Demi Lovato released her new full length LP titled on October 16th, 2015. is a sizable, 55 minutes long and features both Iggy Azalea and Sirah respectively. ConfidentConfident

I was first seriously turned on to Demi Lovato while watching the VMAs this year. Amongst all the unnecessary drama between celebs, announcement of a presidential candidacy, and lip syncing, I noticed Demi Lovato. She had the aura of a wreck-loose on a mission. She was head-banging and crowd surfing all while keeping a melody. It wasn’t always in key, and was sometimes out of tune. That’s what attracted me to her. She was actually singing. It was a breathe of fresh air amidst the phoniness of the show.

The album begins with the title track “Confident”, with horns blasting and an athematic drum beat. Lovato questions “What’s wrong with being confident?”, which made me appreciate the attitude she presents. The album blazes on with the radio single “Cool for the Summer”. The chorus is unbelievably addictive, with multi-textured instruments phasing in and out with beat. This easily became my favorite track on the album.

“Kingdom Come” features Iggy Azalea. The two harmonize beautifully during the choruses and Iggy lays down the raw, sophisticated raps during the verses. The song combines both artists individual styles in a unusual and creative way.

Overall, I thought was an aggressive and energizing listen. I enjoyed the fact that Lovato kept it authentic, by not over featuring other artists. By doing this she kept true to her own sound, and I think this is truly something to admire. Confident

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