Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe)
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Hey Everybody is the story of my life.

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If I were asked to describe 5 Seconds Of Summer’s music, I would say FUN. There is absolutely no other way to describe it. Their songs make me want to grab my friends, drink, sing, dance and just do crazy, hilarious stuff all night long. They make songs that would remind you of your younger brother’s silly, but cool, “garage” band. Their music is something that you would play on loop during a long road trip with your pals.


In short, 5SOS is the epitome of fun.


Just like every other artist nowadays, the quartet from down under got their jumpstart from YouTube. Just like everyone else, they have posted videos of them playing their musical instruments, sitting in some unidentified location in their houses, and singing covers of popular songs by various artists. At first it was just Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford jamming together, but they were eventually joined by drummer Ashton Irwin, completing the lineup of probably the biggest band Australia has ever produced.


I don’t know much about their humble beginnings, actually. As always, one of my friends “introduced” me to them by sending me a link of the boys fooling around. It was funny and it reminded me of my crazy friends. I was bored then so I searched for their other videos on YouTube and found one where they were singing one of my favorite songs ever – Teenage Dirtbag. The boys were sitting in someone’s living room, on the floor, with a Christmas tree behind them, in very casual summer clothes. Apparently, it was their first video with their new drummer, Ashton. It was far from being perfect nor was it the best “Teenage Dirtbag” cover, however, there was something about how raw and fresh and unplugged it was that made me want to see more of them. It all fits perfectly together: Luke with his powerful vocals and boyband looks, Michael feeling the music with his guitar, Ashton drumming beats on his cajon and Calum looking so adorably indifferent with his baby face and high-pitched voice.


The boys got their big international break when the boys from One Direction started tweeting links to their videos, leading to 5SOS becoming their opening acts. The rest, as they say, is history.


When 5SOS dropped their self-titled album in June last year, the whole world went bananas. I did too. It was the first pop punk album that I totally adored ever since Simple Plan. Their single “She Looks So Perfect” gave me serious LSS for months! The whole album was just oozing with cool, enjoyable, relatable, “feel good” tracks. There was no “skippable” song, if I may say so myself. They didn’t just make funky pop punk music; they also threw in a few heart-melting ballads in the mix.


And here comes “Hey Everybody”, their new single from the much-anticipated sophomore album, “Sounds Good Feels Good”. I admit, I was a bit anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. I believe in the “second album curse” where bands and artists alike simply lose their “spirit” and everything sounds weird and crappy. The moment I heard the “Oh oh oh oh” from the start, I already felt good about it. I actually smiled and relaxed. described “Hey Everybody” as “an anthem for the overworked and underpaid.” And that was exactly how I felt after listening to it. This is not just my jam; it’s the story of my life! With lyrics like: “Don't have your rent and it's the first of the month (Where's my money). Your bank account has got insufficient funds…” and “It's not the end of the world. Yeah, we've all been there before…” it wouldn’t take much for anyone to love this song. It’s not just fun and addictive, it says a lot about people who had to work for peanuts and still come to work every day with a smile on their face. Like yours truly.


If “Hey Everybody” is any indication of what the whole album is going to sound like, then I’m already thrilled about it. It does seem like “Sounds Good Feels Good” is the best description not just for the album, but for 5SOS’s music in general. It’s also a plus that they all “look good” as well, right?


Right after I listened to “Hey Everybody”, I found out that the boys are coming to my country for a concert on March 12, 2016! Now THAT is one of the best news I’ve received this year. I’ve always wanted to see them perform live! Of course, I’m going to be there – by hook or by crook. I bet it’s going to be the most memorable summer for me. Hopefully it will last longer than 5 seconds.


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