Jessie Ware
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Amazing Jessie Ware

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Jessie Ware is 31 year old singer that blew my mind first time I heard her. I remember seeing the video on Facebook and what made me press play was the black and red colours on the screen, fur and dim feeling. I was all excited to see if I discovered something new and good. And oh my God it was good!!!

Her voice is so strong and the music just perfect. Her calmness and grace in all the videos I saw later are so seducing and charming. She's got her own style, a voice she can do anything with and beauty, elegance.

Nothing too special, or giving the feeling that she is trying to be different. It's just her and her style of dressing, singing and moving.

Jessie Ware used to do backing vocals at live shows which gave her a good view of what she will do one day. She saw everything as a third party and it made good base for her knowledge today on how to make things work the best way possible.

Ware is friends with Adele and used to work for Love Productions where her coworker was E.L. James who wrote »Fifty Shades Of Gray«. She married her childhood sweetheart Sam Burrows in 2014. Her mum raised her sister, brother and herself in Clapham in London, believed in them and taught them they could be whatever they wanted to be. Her younger sister is Hannah Ware, British actress.

In 2012 Ware released »Devotion« which was listed at number 5 on the UK Albums Chart and it was nominee for prestigious Mercury Prize. »Say You Love Me« was released in 2014., featuring Ed Sheeran, and as Ware once said, it was made in 30 mins.

Going through Jessie Ware online Profiles, I've noticed she has exquisite taste for fashion and is very relaxed, likes being around people and has been close to her family and friends. Altogether seems like a lovely person.

Latest Ware release is a Disney cover »A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes«, which will appear on »We Love Disney« compilation out on 30th October 2015.


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