Miley Cyrus
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Hey Miley! Got milk?!

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Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her teen star days. In fact, you can hardly tell that today’s Miley Cyrus is the same as the long brown haired Disney teen from before.


In a bid to up her crazy ways even more, word got out today, that she’s planning a video shoot unlike any other. The plan is to strip herself, her band “The Flaming Lips” and THE AUDIENCE naked. Yes, you read that correctly, even the crowd has to join in and take their clothes off.


Then, everyone will get sprayed by a milky white substance to make it artsy. And that’s just what you can’t figure out about Miley. Is it just attention seeking crazy stuff or is it really an artistically driven creation?


For the longest time, you could sum it all up to a bit of rebellion and craziness, all to sell her mainstream music, but along the way she did step out working with visual artists to make creations, usually video art, specifically for the art scene.


Her recent, surprise album/mixtape, is anything but her mainstream sound, so it does look like Miley is trying to give her craziness a little more weight by exploring a more artistic and artsy approach. All that’s still missing is a clear reason for the madness. Unfortunately, beneath the surface, it still looks like it’s all PR.


Nudity and art have always gone hand in hand, but you would expect that the shock value, by now, must be lower than ever. Did you not hear the news that even Playboy wants to stop printing nudes in their magazine?


Still, somehow we’ve come to a point where we expect female artists to strip down and wear next to nothing and we love the rappers who take off their shirts and show a six-pack. That’s a long way away from the oversized baggy look they had when Hip Hop began.


The days where Madonna shocked just showing her bra, wearing see-through lace, are long gone, over. Those boundaries have been pushed and now we want purple hair, boobies, body paint, … well, wait! We’ve always wanted it on-stage so far, as part of the show, but are we ready as an audience to be a participants?


It’s not clear when Miley’s video shoot will take place, but the plan is to have shoot it as a concert.


Rumor has it, it could happen during the tour that is planned in November. Though the images she posts on her instagram do give you that impression, it sounds a bit illogical to me.


I would imagine, you’d want your audience to be aware of having to do this prior to the shooting. I think you just might want to avoid taking your mother to this. I would also think, you’d want people to have a safe place for their clothes/belongings to keep from getting milked and I think you might want to plan the clean up after too… It´s just not practical, but all in all, sounds like fun.

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