The 1975
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The 1975’s Love Me: Love it OR Hate it?

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My first reaction when I heard the first beat was, “Hang on, did I play the right song?” I had to do a double check and make sure that I did not accidentally download the wrong song, which has happened many times in the past. The cacophonous squeaks and head banging guitar riff was just too far from the band’s usual sound. But then again, this is only their second album, so who am I to judge? I bet they are still sort of experimenting with their sound and all that. I mean, it is great when an artist sticks with the same genre through every single album, but when they start to deviate and take too many steps further away from the ‘usual’, it makes me question my loyalty to them.


I must admit it wasn’t totally my jam. I didn’t feel the connection to it like I did with their smash hits “Chocolate” and “Girls”. It was funky and groovy, yes, but it wasn’t as epic as “Sex” or as moshing-inducing as “Settle Down”. Although, vocalist’s Matthew Healy’s patented high-pitch, sexy voice, with its upward inflection and unique diction was apparent through the track and I sort of enjoyed listening to it because of him.


My only issue was why does it sound like we are suddenly going down memory lane?


What is this? The 1975 or The 1985?


I was born in 1987 so forgive me if I was not entirely familiar with the hits from the ‘80s. I mean, I did listen to Madonna, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Aerosmith while I was growing up. But I was more into boybands by the time I actually started appreciating music.  


Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the ‘80s. I think it is way better and cooler than most of the crappy, auto-tuned music that we have now. Whenever I hear an ‘80s (or ‘90s) song on the radio, I just can’t help but sing (or at least tap my foot) along to it. It’s hard not to. That was when I realized what Matthew Healy and the rest of the gang are up to. They wanted to drop the whole “indie rock, black and white clothes, dark eyeliner” charade and just give the fans something with more substance.


He told Annie Mac during the band’s guesting on BBC Radio 1, “It's all about change, really. All about us keeping evolution. And having a responsibility to our fans to provide something with a lot of substance... that is considered. It's not about being contrived or thinking too much about it. We really mean this and we're so humbled. And you've seen the reactions going on now. We don't take that for granted.”


I’ve been reading a lot about how the track sounds a bit like David Bowie’s “Fame” and some netizens even went so far as to call it a rip-off. First of all, I haven’t heard that “Fame” song and yes, I should get bricked for that. So I looked it up on YouTube and, yeah, if you consider the fact that the first few seconds of the two songs sounded so similar, you could say the band has some explaining to do. Now, I am no expert but I feel like it’s not really like ripping off, it’s more like channeling Bowie. It gives off the same vibe, but that’s about it.  


When asked about what’s happening with the band and what’s with all the pink and the eyeshadow, Matty wittily replied that they “have become pop stars” and he is sick of the fact that “there is just not enough good pop bands”.  Well, that’s Matty Healy for you guys. He tells it as it is, with his razor sharp tongue.


So I listened to “Love Me” some more. Meaning I played it on loop for, like, an hour. And it grew on me. It was not like I forced myself to like it, okay. I guess I found a bit of the band’s “usual” sound – the sound that I have come to love -- underneath all the funk and electro-pop in the song.


The song does make you want to get up on your feet and just start dancing, or at least shimmy your shoulder along to the rhythm. That’s what I did. As for the lyrics, Matty said that it was all about narcissism and being famous. I mean, the line “You’ve got a beautiful face but got nothing to say” definitely hits the nail on the head. To be honest, most of the time, I don’t really understand what Matty is singing about. Their songs were just too poetic and cryptic and nothing could be taken literally. But “Love Me” is different. It just shoots the arrow straight into the bull’s eye.


                Exhibit A:

                “You look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important"


                Exhibit B:”

               "We've just come to represent a decline in the standards of what we accept!"

Need I say more?


This is the lead single to The 1975’s much awaited second album, which is called “I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It”. Whew! Now THAT is definitely a title that I would never forget.


Whatever The 1975 is doing, whether it is re-invention, temporary change or total rebirth, I say go for it. I don’t hate this song. But I don’t really love it that much (mainly coz of that shrilly sound that reminds me of a comedy-horror flick from the ‘80s). However, I’m starting to like it and if it is any indication of the other 17 tracks in their upcoming album, then I’m pretty sure all the hubbub surrounding this single is totally worth it.  


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