Noblesse Oblige
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Noblesse Oblige

Artist reviewed by:

“It’s just the two of us, my coitus feels fabulous”

Here are my favorite perverts.

These two are like a good wine and an exquisite sex, like a good old aristocracy playing dirty games, like a good book and cocaine. Who needs a stupid honesty, riots, voices of generations and other crap, when there is a sophisticated aristocracy with talents and seductions? So pity there is too little bands like this nowadays. Oh, no, Noblesse Oblige is one of a kind. I meant bands with such beautiful, classy, egoistic games, bands that just do not care. 

Noblesse Oblige has it all. They know they deserve everything and they just take it, while suckers out there are writing their stupid pathetic songs.  They are beautiful, and beauty is hard to resist. Valerie Renay comes from France. Sebastian Lee Philipp comes from Germany. They met in London, at a masked ball, of course! These two make music for dances and lovers. Good old lovers somewhere in Europe.

Romantics will always be here, with us. Romantics are out of trends and “fashion fascism”. And songs about sex and youth years will always make us feel in love. Whispers of love and passion on the dance floor are something constant like a bed for two or long night train conversations.  

I strongly recommend you start listening to this band with the following songs: “Daddy (Don’t Touch Me There)”, “Bitch”, “When I Was Young”, “Night Train to Krakow”, “The Great Electrifier” and “In the Heat of the Night”. I am sure these songs will tell you everything.

Noblesse Oblige has four LPs and energy to make us all dance and love forever.

P.S. Oh, they have a gorgeous cover version of “Hotel California”. Try it.

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