Sara Bareilles
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Sounds Like Sara!

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Sara Bareilles is probably the only artist who has floored me as much with her talent as a singer/songwriter as she has with her ability to constantly evade the limelight and yet have one of the most loyal fan-bases out there. I have thought it might be her no-nonsense approach towards making mature pop music and the fact that she has positioned herself as one of the more “relatable” artists that has helped Sara cut the clutter of the glitzy PR-made stars of today. But of late, I’ve been thinking it has quite a lot to do with her pouring so much of her heart into her projects and taking her listeners along with her on her journey.

That is because Sara’s recent projects have been nothing short of an adventure. From writing a book to composing for a musical, Sara has had her plate full with experiments. Her book, Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in a Song takes her followers through a personal voyage of the creative processes and struggles of songwriting. And, when you have someone like Ben Folds vouching for a written work on music, you know it means something. Here’s where Sara knows how to connect with her listeners through intimate conversations, and creates art that has personal meaning for everyone. The book will be up for grabs October onwards.

On the other side of the net,  she has poured an equal amount of soul into composing for The Waitress musical that just completed its short run and is hoping to go to the Broadway way by next year. She had been actively involved throughout production and promotion processes. Now, she’s all set to rehash her on stage success into recorded goodness with What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress, an album that is a compilation of her songs from the musical. Her first single from the album, “She Used to be Mine” is out and it is a heart-rendering beautiful ballad with The Waitress’ theme as its back-story  


I’m already in love with her endearing vocals on this song – a combination of soft and warm tones that reaches up to a full-blown range-shattering outro; the best of the warmth that is her voice “baked in a beautiful pie”. And the lyrics recapitulate the very “Sara-esque” themes of loss, discovery and self-awakening, perfectly.

Judging by this preview of what to expect of the album it’s needless to say I’m eagerly waiting to hear the rest of the work. I’m looking forward to more peppy numbers on the lines of “Love Song” and “Brave” and am guessing the album release will prove to be the appropriate follow-up to her 2013 album The Blessed Unrest and very good PR for The Waitress.



So,until we get a full taste of the album, take a listen to “She Used to Mine” on iTunes  -

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