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Missy Jackson Burnout Comeback

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The two most powerful women in music industry when we speak about original taste, talent and real quality, finally get their golden era lit with the fire comeback club hit "Burn It Up". Sister of The King Of Pop, MJ, Miss Janet is burning the headlines these couple of months, starting with the return on the big dancefloor on her august World Tour "Unbreakable" spiking the fans until this heat release at last premiered on radio.

Sharing the throne evenly, as well as the longitude of the career break, we got the double pleasure of this female affiliation, a Queen Of The Sick Beats and Rhymes, Missy Elliott herself. The banger base is complete now and we can completely relax and enjoy inhaling the catchy vibes with our senses. When Elliot comes to question, you know nothing is called classic and heard before. Yet still, if you a fan, you can feel the presense of her signature, but a time matched signature, which is why she is and will always be  one of the greatest, one that you can`t ever copy. 

Janet also kept it originally signed, and vocally in the old school agenda, spicing it up with the new class, coloring with muddy low half-vispering notes, ending it in her brothers style. The whole time there is this mood over your head like you are back in the 90`s club, baggy pants and all, grooving with your people until Missy`s beat brakes/bridges come and you just mentally blend in the future now. 


Amazingly done piece of art, classified as Pop, but never with out a strings of my favorite, Hip Hop, you will not regret a second of this Divas Play, so get your point on, and sit it on this chair. It`s gonna be a long night. 


Burn It Up Logo


You Tube it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QvdrmRphjc

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