If You Were My Girl
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I'll happily be your girl...

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As soon as I hit play and Nick Merico appeared on my computer screen, I swooned. And then when he smiled after singing a couple of words, I imagined a little gleam flashing across his perfect teeth which, paired with the subtle wink of his eye, caused me to swoon once again. To top it off, If You Were My Girl is pretty awesome too, meaning there is no reason to not like this music video.

Now I’m not normally the type of person who listens to male pop music. I’ve never been a fan of Justin Bieber or One Direction, who Merico can be compared to. But here I am, just gone midnight, dancing around my bedroom to this catchy original song from this Argentine singer who, I had never heard of an hour ago.

The beat thumps steadily, keeping the bouncy pace, as Merico croons about what it would be like to be his ‘girl’ while he performs at a festival and then goes on romantic walks with a pretty brunette. The music laid on top by a piano is minimalistic but it works, with Merico’s vocals tying it all together. 

Stylistically the video paints Merico as an incredibly sweet guy, the kind you would be proud to take home to your parents (I mean, just look at his gorgeous face), and it’s not all style without substance.

There’s a fantastic musical hook two and a half minutes in. Over the top of Merico’s vocals and beat, there’s a familiar tune played. It sounds like the opening music of Ben E. King’s 1961 song Stand By Me, sung by a few male voices. I swooned even harder at this point because Merico knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it brilliantly.

(If this music mash-up is purely a coincidence then bravo, but if it’s intentional then I love him even more.)

The two completely different musical styles blend together perfectly and finish the song on a glorious last few renditions of the chorus.

For a first song Merico’s created something wonderful. He’s going to have a very bright future in pop music if he keeps this up. I’m already scouting out his other videos…