Not An Apology
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Bea Miller owes no apologies

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She may only be sixteen but Bea Miller’s debut album, “Not An Apology”, is on par with those of artists who are both older and far more experienced than her. 

With a vibe very similar to Demi Lovato’s 2008 debut “Don’t Forget” (which becomes especially apparent when you find out that “We’re Taking Over” was co-written by Lovato), Miller has created an album full of catchy pop-rock tunes that will be a firm favourite with young girls.

Her slightly raspy yet innocent voice tells tales of the life of a girl who has been repressed by her peers and who has finally had enough, breaking free of her constraints and finding who she really is. “I Dare You” is a perfect example of this message: I just kept on running, running, running/Trying to find out who I was/I would go the distance but it wasn't far enough/But now I'm standing straight and know exactly who I am.

It’s a consistent theme throughout the album and is found again in ‘This Is Not An Apology’, only this time the frustration and anger that she feels is being directed at a boyfriend: This is not an apology/I'm just a little bit stronger than you/This is not an apology/You're such a chick, it makes me feel like a dude.

The upbeat pop-rock tracks are full of clean electric guitars and a beat perfect for head banging. It’s a gentle introduction to rock music for teenagers and this album could very well launch the career of a brand new role model for young girls across the world, mixing outstanding music with healthy and inspirational morals. I really hope that it does.