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This Froot Has Gone Off

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570 five stars, out of 630 ratings, on the UK iTunes store tends to suggest that an album is going to be a great listen, right? Well after listening to ‘Froot’ by Marina and the Diamonds, I can safely say that I’m siding with the other 60 people who didn’t like it at all.

Usually I rather enjoy listening to Marina. ‘Electra Heart’, Marina’s previous album, is a firm favourite in my iTunes library. So I turned on ‘Froot’ with high hopes and a dash of excitement… only to be let down.

It’s not that it’s a bad album. Composition-wise it’s well put together and whoever was working on it with her has done a very good job. But that’s the problem – it’s safe, it’s boring, and it’s simply not interesting.

The title song is a five and a half minute stint that had me wondering when it was going to end. It’s unnecessarily long and doesn’t hold my attention for more than thirty seconds. Writing this I can’t even remember what it sounded like and I would rather not press play again to remind myself.

Track four, ‘Blue’, is a quirky upbeat number and it was perhaps the only song on the album that I can say I enjoyed. It’s reminiscent of ‘Oh No’ from her first album and ‘Primadonna’ from her second. I wondered if things were picking up now, if whether it was just a blip with the first three tracks. But unfortunately, it wasn’t, and it went back to being completely uninteresting.

Sorry Marina but I turned the album off halfway through and I’m not turning it back on.

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