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Anuhea: Sound of Paradise

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The sunny skies, beautiful beaches, soothing breeze and natural music coming from the sounds of rhythmic waves dancing with the seashore, is my everyday scene. Hawaii is truly a paradise on earth.  It’s not a surprise, that this state brings in many people from around the globe and musical artists love to come here and perform.  Year-round, we have nice and happy people here that welcome you with “Aloha”.  You will find a lot of culture and tradition here.  It is a prime example of being a real “melting pot”.

With the different blends, comes diverse talent.  A good example of this is the local music scene.  There are many artists that perform at various gigs, so many events for bands to perform at especially around Waikiki, and sometimes just a good ol’ jam session at the beach under the evening sky by the bonfire.  In Hawaii, we definitely love music and dance.  The setting and mood is always just right and it all comes down to just having a good time.

Among the well-known local artists in Hawaii is an awesome singer of Hawaiian contemporary folk rock.  She is none other than, Anuhea. She performs in tones that are soft, upbeat, romantic, and fun.  Most of all, her style makes you feel the mellow and laid back style of a beautiful Hawaiian island life.  You can watch a few of her cover songs and music videos on her Youtube channel, Anuheajams.

I started listening to Anuhea when I heard her sing, “Come Over Love”.  The song is a cover version of Estelle’s “Come Over”.  The song is pretty straight forward as you listen to the lyrics.  Don’t get it confused though, the “wait” now needs what it deserves and the “wanting” needs to be mutual.  I especially love the acoustic version or even a live version of the song.  Watching her perform and hearing her voice always reminds me of a sunny day at the beach and the breeze gently caressing your face or even the same scene but under a star-filled night sky.

When I cruise in my car and her song plays on the radio, I love to turn off the AC, roll down the windows, pop open the moon roof, and feel the island vibes that are around.  Unless, of course, it’s a rainy day or (if you lived in Hawaii before or currently do) you know there are certain spots where it can be sunny then suddenly rain a bit then stop.  Well, even with that, I don’t mind an island spray.  Face it, it’s a beautiful island, you’re bound to get wet sometime.  With all those elements, Anuhea’s music helps bring it all to your ears.Anuhea’s cover song, “Come Over Love”: