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April sounds like Calexico

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Spring. The time of the year when Persephone walks out of the underground, just like many bands walk out of the underground. It is not easy to go one step further when you are a specific band. You have a baggage to prove your uniqueness in different ways, even though it is impossible to erase the fact that every genre has its own limits. In April this year, I was super excited to buy new album by Calexico. In case someone does not know them, Calexico is a music group with a specific and rich sound, combining Latino melos, American folk and soft indie rock. Joey Burns and his crew are not inexperienced to swim into the unknown waters with the new album and make some pretentious nonsense. With that being said, the album they have released in April of this year was missing the breeze of fresh air. It was normal to expect this since they had a very interesting Algiers in 2012. Calexico has proved that they have a lot to say and that their sound is not just a mixture of Mexican horns and post rock elements. Still, the question raises – What happens next? Obviously, recycling.

Cumbia De Done is a true Calexico tune but I have noticed the formula of recycling. Miles From The Sea sounds like Sinner In The Sea from the previous album (and not just because of the title). Still, I would be too harsh If I said that this is not a good album. Partially, songs have great arrangements and unsubtle melodies. The biggest problem for me were typical country songs such as Woodshed Waltz and When The Angels Played in  which layers and intellectuality are gone.

Even though the motif of my review is that Edge Of Sun does not have anything new to offer, it definitely made my April. The atmospheric Moon Never Rises is probably one of my favorite songs of the year. It has an unusual, obscure and trippy energy. Adding World Undone to Moon Never Rises makes this album worth listening to. Can I expect more from the next Calexico’s album? Definitely. Can I expect more from the next April in music? Definitely.