August Alsina
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As I sit here, in my room, and a cold December is talking to me from the outside, I try to remember August. It was slow and magical as usual. When I was a kid I caught this special moment of August: it’s extremely hot in the beginning, everything is orange and red; but then evenings turn colder all of a sudden. Fire, water and wind. This sudden change comes with anxiety and new hope. The second part of August with its cold evenings and nights full of new, strange flavors, visions and waves in the air – this second part prepares you for something special. You fell you gotta go, move on and fasten a little bit. New beautiful times are out there, they are about to begin in a few weeks; and you just contemplate the beauty of changes and nature. Anticipation is all around you: you feel it, you breathe it; it gives you the very nausea of something great ahead. August is anticipation and nausea which comes along with a bulletproof calm in your soul. August is a change and you don’t even feel sorry for another summer ends. You become keen, attentive and accurate. Self-discipline to meet Something comes around. I feel it every August. I still got its aftertaste in my mouth. It’s pure Magic.

Summer laziness takes form of Fall seriousness. I don’t think it’s the perfect time to release an album. But it’s just a feeling and too serious attitude of mine. This August bred a lot of releases from variety of different artists and genres. It’s useless to mention all of them for the simple fact that many of those albums are just another crap. It’s pretty sad that tons of crap are being released each and every month, anyways let it be musical rubbish which is easy to ignore than some real pollution.

Here are some worthy August releases to my decent opinion:

         - Chelsea Wolfe “Abyss”: deep and sharpen piece of work worth listening on your own.

         - Health “Death Magic”: no comments, just pure joy.  

         - Lana Del Rey “High By the Beach” single: it’s Lana, so it’s got to be mentioned and tasted.

         - Pavement “The Secret History, Vol. 1”: Definitely a must. 

         - CHVRCHES  “Leave a Trace” single: better than nothing. 

         - The Wytches “Thunder Lizard's Reprieve” EP: real moody, romantically drunken and dirty EP. 

         - Bones “Banshee”: some songs are just brilliant and some are really, really annoying.

         - N.A.S.A. “Stolen Moments”: atmospheric and glassy sounds of teen sirens.

         - Crazy Town “The Brimstone Sluggers”: LOL 

         - Motörhead “Bad Magic”: who needs an explanation? 

         - DJ Spooky with Kronos Quartet “Rebirth of a Nation”: significant but it’s not a Revelation.

2015 August was unique and rough. It was a good month, really good as August should be. 2015 was a tough and very important year. I’ve never known and felt some things and 2015 brought them to my life. Gratitude, appreciation and wisdom – this is what I feel about this hard and saturated year. This is the time of our lives and every moment is filled with gratitude. As we touch beauty in the form of music we generate and share endless amount of energy. This world needs beauty, it needs music and gives us more time to do the right things and have fun a bit.

… Beautiful faces pass by in memory: they come and go; they fade away leaving associations, feelings and aftertastes. Strangers on the streets, passersby and sudden pieces of music being heard everywhere constantly. They all make a canvas of our time fading away. Beauty is the only thing that remains in our memories. Our hearts and souls are full of glassy echoes: images, voices and snatches of tunes. Let’s appreciate it. Let us appreciate our time and music.

Thank you, 2015.