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Learning from the Success of Adele’s “Hello”: Insights from MusicPromoToday

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In case you have been living in a bubble, Google “Hello” by Adele and read the results. Besides the numerous links of fans sharing her video on different social networks, you can see the many websites talking about the absolute and indisputable success of the track and video.

For many, the results were not surprising. Adele is a talented singer with hit singles and a large and loyal following. However, being responsible for the biggest demo video for 2015 with 1,112,000 downloads and sales by November 6, and with 27.7 million views in the first 24 hours, is no easy feat--even for popular artists.

How did Adele reach this level of success with her latest single, “Hello”?

The most important lesson, suggested by , one of the leading music promotion companies, is that radio is not dead. Yes the methods of listening to music and devices may have changed or been updated, but those who assume the rise of digital music meant the end of the popular radio--which itself has seen many transformations, were very wrong.

Why? Adele’s “Hello” was the No. 1 airplay song in the UK during its first week of release, with 5,063 plays across 284 stations in the UK, that reached 127.2 million listeners in the country alone. International numbers are just as impressive - by November 2, “Hello” had reached 161.9 million listeners in Germany, 104.8 million in Italy, and an overall 766 million listeners in Europe. Considering the massive audience radio is still able to reach, and the amount of listens by this medium alone, it is safe to say that those who disregard radio, do not understand the music industry.

never downplay the importance of airtime, and I'm guessing there is a reason for it. By understanding trends and being able to predict them based on experience, they have been able to stay on top with their impressive artist roster. For instance, MusicPromoToday has been following the model of “believing in the radio”--in conjunction with other marketing strategies and platforms, to create success stories for the musicians they work with. And now, with Adele’s “Hello” demonstrating the sheer significance of radio in its incredible success, you too, hopefully see how this medium and make or break an artist--and how no matter how many new platforms may arise, one important fact remains: radio was never dead.

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