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Billie-Jade Becomes The New Queen Of The Damned

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Billie-Jade came out of the smoke and onto my screen as a sudden flash of a reigning supreme. With ex-bands behind her such as Hatchet Dawn and Diamond Noir Billie-Jade is not new to the scene of Horror Metal. In fact, Billie-Jade has earned a rightful badge titled 'Queen of the Damned' based solely on the work Horror Haus. Horror Haus is Billie-Jade's latest solo album and newest single.

In the genre Heavy Metal or Horror Metal these have been a predominant existence for only male singers. However, Billie-Jade has every intention to switch up the gender dominated role. Being compared to as the female equivalent of Marilyn Manson, I'd like to throw in as the female match to Rob Zombie. Given that Horror Haus music video has gifted the audience with a visible taste as to where Billie-Jade will be going with this solo album. The music video for Horror Haus uses neon paint/lighting and creepy circus/magician assistants carrying pythons (or boa constrictors) around their necks. Yet it's Billie-Jade's vocals which bring a story to life.


The conviction Billie-Jade puts off does nothing but convince the audience there is subtle truth to the darkness lurking behind every door. So why give Billie-Jade the nickname 'Queen of the Damned' well first off see the film and come back to Horror Haus. There is a similarity-based off of the way Lestat sang and the type of Industrially/Metal backbeat. Then again Billie-Jade is bringing something new to the Horror/Metal genre. It's not all about dress up and gore, with an added suspense and effortless haunting echo dressed through Horror Haus. Billie-Jade actually carries an essence of individuality, peculiarity and unfathomed true horror.