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Bizarre Sludge

Album reviewed by:

If you type grime on Google, first results are probably going to be related to British music genre. Anyhow, this is a completely opposite story except for one thing and that is music. Grime are Italians whose goal is to spread destruction around the world. Their sound is based on decay of graves and it spreads the smell of swamp full of garbage. Well, it this is attractive to you, then Circle of Molesters is certainly an album designed for you.

What you are going to find here are painful, evil, slow, hopeless and chaotic sludge. Grime are monsters on their instruments and sonic chaos is their motif. If you are a fan of brutal sludge metal, it’s needles to say anything more.

Songs like Verge of Wrath or Decay in Hades are saturated with metal disgust, discomfort brought by guitars. Distorted bass and drums are a one way ticket to abyss. Listening to Get immortal and Salvation Come From Below, it is very difficult to distant yourself from lyrical descriptions of their sounds. So heavy and evil.

Sometimes, you can breathe while listening to this album. A peculiar hook appears. Then again, it disappears into the powerful dark machine Grime are. Music would serve as a doom soundtrack for the most bizarre scene in the scariest horror thriller filmed at the end of the world where the man has lost the hope few millenniums ago.

Production is not necessarily at A level but this is not an cheap underground hipster mix. It is Lucifer’s diner party.