A Light in the Dark
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Metal Nepotism

Album reviewed by:

Mike Porntoy is your daddy, Mike Porntoy is playing the drums, Mike Porntoy is a producer. What are you doing, Max? I am playing the drums in the band my father has produced. Ok, so this is the shortest way to describe Next To None. Also, this band has 16 year old members.

Kids are the future sounds like a credible threat. We are witnessing many reality shows that are searching for talented kids. We are also witnessing an expansion of teenage stars and uber young girls whose managers force them to be half-naked in their videos in order to become a chat toppers (in topless?). We have also seen a lot of kids in rock and punk but progressive metal is something new. Next To None are really an unusual story. Unfortunately, their music is not that atypical.

The Edge of Sanity is a 9-minute progressive metal song with Porntoy drums, cheerful circus piano and soft teenage voices. Their dad swears that this is really a work of this kids. He is only a producer. You Are Not Me is little less prog and more metal. It reminded me of those musical schools where they can teach you how to play but not how to have a soul. Runway is flirting with passé metalcore verses, while Lonely Walk is a return to Space-Dye-Vest sections. Central track of the album is certainly Control, the best way in which you can meet this young band. Nepotism has brought them appearances by Bumblefoot and Neal Morse.

In my opinion, these boys are lucky that they are having such a famous father. If the didn’t, we wouldn’t hear about them.