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Mestís Polysemy Album Review

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The progressive metal band Mestis, released a new album entitled . Mestis is an instrumental group most notably including Javier Reyes from the band Animals as Leaders. Being a big fan of his previous work, I have been anticipating this release since it was announced months before. Polsemy

The album begins with the albums single “Gentle Giant”. Right away it is obvious that this side group does not show much diversity from Reyes’ primary band. The song is interesting to listen to, but not exciting to listen to. I also get the sense that the mixing and production wasn’t done as professionally as it could have been. Sadly the rest of the album follows suit. Each track seems to be caught in the monotony of the same low energy sounding mix.

is Mestis’ very first major release and they we’re given a big platform to make a strong statement in the “prog” world and I think they did not capitalize on this opportunity. I think the music is creative, but isn’t diverse enough to separate itself from anything else coming out in this genre. Mestis wasn’t for me, but I encourage you to try it out yourself.PolysemyPolysemy