Aluk Todolo
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Aluk Todolo

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Aluk Todolo are probably one the most interesting and unique black metal bands out there today. Of course you can not assign them strictly under the black metal banner. The sound of this French trio is more a mixture of heavily krautrock infused psychedelic black metal and what could also be simply called occult rock. I remember the first Aluk Todolo release I listened to was their self-titled two track 7'', which had all the specific characteristics of the krauty blackmetalish occult rock that Aluk Todolo are all about. In fact this release could easily be cited as psychedelic rock with black metal influences. Their first album went a bit further from this relatively smooth krauty psych sound to a more distorted and more distinctly black metal infused sound, with a track named Woodchurch sounding like a mix of Nadja and a ticking repetitive kraut clock bass. A truly unique and new sound. A sort of a meeting point between black metal and psychedelic rock that really comes out astonishingly perfectly.

It is however Aluk Todolo's latest album Occult Rock that has received the most attention so far. It could be said that their sound has developed even more and has become far noisier and distorted through time and followed its way closer to black metal, and towards doom influences. The krautrock core however remains intact and so do the distinct aspects of psychedelia. Aluk Todolo are all about the unrelenting krautish repetitive rhythm section, accompanied by heavily distortion laden and sometimes seemingly half-improvisational almost psychedelic rock jam-like guitars. But in a distinctly black metal key and composition.

Occult Rock, as well as their earlier albums with their repetitive kraut infused blackish psychedelia sound like a small band of armed men treading their way through cold snowy mountainous Scottish terrain somewhere in the far north of the years long gone. They have been walking for 30 miles and have another 20 to go. They gaze at a peak that shows the way. They are there to end a feud with a rivaling clan once and for all. Their heads are filled with thoughts of revenge and they tread through the cold and deep snow determined and bloodthirsty. Only blood could quench the cold. Step after step, meter after meter, towards and eventual bloodshed. They know it might be their last path of vengeance, but the hatred drives them on. So they march and march. And the strong northern wind blows around them and howls like the noisy blackened psych of Aluk Todolo. A band most definititely worth checking out.

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