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Deafheaven New Bermuda

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The California-native, black metal innovators, released their 3rd full-length album entitled on October 2nd, 2015.New Bermuda

Deafheaven has the uncanny ability to scramble my thoughts and opinions while listening to them. I was first turned on to them in 2013 when introduced to their second album . It was my first exposure to black metal, so need-less-to-say I was taken aback by its harsh exterior, but was intrigued by the sudden contrast that each track showed.Sunbather

This entire 5 track, 46 minute album exists in a state of organized chaos. The first track “Brought to the Water” is heavy and uptempo, and showcases vocalist George Clarke’s signature shrieking vocal style. It isn’t until about half way through the song, that the band momentarily slows down and transforms into a beautiful wave of ambient, atmospheric guitar work. It is the moments like these that keep me coming back to Deafheaven. After four and a half minutes of pounding intensity, it makes these select moments seem even more calming than they actually are. It’s this superb use of rewarding contrast, that makes the listener crave more.

The second half of slows down and mellows out compared to the first half. The intro to “Baby Blue” is a wonderful display of the more elegant part of Deafheaven. One could argue that they could make a whole career out of playing music like this.New Bermuda

I think is a fascinating album that gains even more adoration the more you listen to it. I encourage you to listen past the screaming, at the melodies and intricacy of the atmospheric song structures. Deafheaven’s offers a opportunity to expand your musical taste and experience something that will change your perception of heavy metal. New BermudaNew Bermuda