Soul Sphere
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Born Of Osiris Soul Sphere Album Review

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Chicago’s heavy metal quintet Born Of Osiris released their 5th full length release on October, 29th 2015. The album is based on the ancient Egyptian mythology of the number 3 symbolizing the triads of deities thatencompass a complete system. Over the course of the 12 tracks, explores 3 tiers of this concept originally dreamt up by keyboardist Joe Buras.   Soul Sphere

“The whole story of the record involves three levels,” explains Joe. “The first one is The Binding. You’re hanging, and you’re stagnant. The second is The Fight. You were hanging, but now you’re pulling away from this linchpin, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. The final is The Release. You break away and feel free, connected, and loved.”

The album begins with the two energetic tracks “The Other Half of Me” and “Throw Me in the Jungle”. Both tracks showed characteristics of their distinctive heavy sound. High gain distortion, the gnashing of drums, guitar, and bass all syncopating in tandem. I couldn’t help but be reminded of their 2011 release “The Discovery”. As I continued, surprisingly all the songs were reminiscent of this. Each track more intense than the next, my first listen flew by. At the end, I had a strong feeling of déja vu.

exemplifies the intricacies of modern progressive metal, by demonstratingcomplex, technical guitar riffs surrounded by the overwhelming syncopation of the rest of the band. I think the album as a whole is powerful and exciting but the problem I have is that the band is showing minimal growth. Although the concept behind is wickedly imaginative, it sounds too similar to their previous albums. In my opinion, this album sounds indistinguishably similar to their last two releases. I really enjoy the music they are creating, but I think they need a big stylistic change to keep gaining new fans. Soul Sphere  Soul Sphere

I’d rather see a band try and fail on something new, than stay stagnant on their beloved recognized sound. Born of Osiris’ only further reinforces their dominance at what they do best, without showing any significant growth as a band. Soul Sphere