Zipper Down
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Zipper Down by Eagles of Death Metal: Instaparty

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From the moment you hear the first song from the long awaited Zipper Down you know that Eagles of Death Metal did it again, they again released an excellent album full of songs that just call you to get up and dance. Yes, Complexity is basically a cover of themselves but I don’t mind, the track is a marvelous party anthem. And after Complexity comes Silverlake, a track that could probably start a party at some funeral.The music follows classic EoDM formula, comedy rock that isn’t really comedy rock, a bunch of songs that will be awesome to hear on live shows, and a short play time. Album is only half an hour long making every playthrough an enjoyable experience that will not take a lot of your time. And if you decide to play it again, you’ll know that you’re hooked. Don’t panic, just go with the flow. Production is ok; every piece of music wall has its place in the audio image except vocals. They sometimes sound a little bit quiet and incomprehensible, but that just could be the result of my poor hearing, ravaged from the constant listening to metal for years and years.Got the Power, I Love You All the Time, Got a Woman, Save a Prayer are all great rock tunes and they shouldn’t be taken too seriously, just listen to the music and get moving, get moving, get moving. Album is well structured; slow songs are mixed with fast ones, giving it an enjoyable pace and if we count its short span it’s perfect for jogging, working out or just power walking through the street. Another fine time to play it is in the morning, while you’re drinking your coffee and fight with that nasty hangover from last night. My recommendation is that just play it, drink some orange juice and start dancing, that hangover will run away from you faster than a cat from the bathtub full of ice cold water.There are a couple of downsides; some songs can be a little bit monotonous after a couple of listens, play time is only half an hour long and if you dive in the album expecting something new, different and serious you’ll be deeply disappointed. This is music for parties and live shows, and it is perfect to listen to while walking and/or just wanting to let your brain on a short break. Catchy riffs, stupendously wacky lyrics, El Diablo is a madman and I am thankful that he’s not in some mental institution, instead he’s free, alive and kicking, and ready to rock your socks off. Every song is a precious little gem that is worth listening to many times. There are basically no filler songs; every single one absolutely deserves a spot on Zipper Down, in my humble opinion.I had more than a dozen listen troughs and this album is still as fresh as it had been day after release, I don’t know, maybe I’m a sucker for this kind of music but all I can say is that Zipper Down has the potential to be one of the best rock releases of 2015, because I am from Silverlake, and therefore I don't give a damn. Killer songs: Complexity, Silverlake, Got a Woman, Skin-Tight Boogie, Save A Prayer