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Me(n)tal Disturbia

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The most fascinating thing related to Immortalized is how did they manage to release the single out of nowhere and say that their new album is coming out. There were no years of announcements, no hidden messages, no interviews in which they have tortured their fans with ‘’third of the album is done’’ or ‘’our next album is going to be best thing we made so far’’ (what an original thing to say). After 2010 album Asylum, they went on hiatus, Draiman bored us with solo album and produced Trivium. When Disturbed went to studio,  no paparazzi have caught them and they came back with the final act.

Immortalized is definitely not a nuclear science, rather expected heavy metal Disturbed album created for their fans. This is wartime\ this is out time\ We won’t be denied \ Feed the fire that is raging inside \ This is go time \ This is snowtime, the bold man screams while fistpumping.

Typical What Are You Waiting For and The Vengenful One are future concert anthems and another evidence that Disturbed have their own formula. They have been sticking to it for 13 years, ever since their first release Sickness. It is difficult for a big band to maintain their business when they experiment which is exactly why they don’t. Next to Metallica, they are the only heavy metal band that reached the top of Billboard charts with 5 albums.

I was anticipating something more intimate and it came to me with their cover of The Sound Of Silence. Fire It Up is a corny extension of Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf. Rarely positive U2ish The Light and Who Taught You How To Hate present interesting theme and guitar riffs.

I can not complain about the album but I can not glorify it as well. I just hope I will have a chance to hear it live. 

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