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Sevendust 'Kill the Flaw' Album Review

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Long time alternative metal rockers Sevendust released their new album on October 2nd, 2015. Some might say Sevendust is on fire with their 3rd album in 3 years, all receiving critical acclaim. Generally more unknown than other nu-metal/alt-metal bands Sevendust is often compared to bands like Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, or Shinedown. For people familiar with Sevendust’s music, this will be a pleasant trip down memory lane. Kill the Flaw

The album begins with the first album single “Thank you”. Right away you are greeted with an fazed out electronic piano followed quickly by the massive syncopation of the the rest of the band. When you think of a gravely rock voice, you likely hear a voice like lead singers Lajon Witherspoon. His deep, powerful vocals soar over the heavy chugging of guitars. It creates a prepossessing sound that makes the listener want more.

Most of keeps this tight sound throughout, but the track “Letters” seems to be the disappointing outlier on the album. For a band that has historically demonstrated such originality, this song doesn't pack the same punch as the others. I say this because they seem to follow the popular intro/verse/chorus monotony of popular music today.Kill the Flaw

I would recommend to anybody who is looking for a fresh outlook on the hard rock scene. With their authentic sound, Sevendust continues to impress long time fans and excite new ones.Kill the Flaw