Sin Bandera
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Come back without a flag

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It's been 8 years since the duo formed by Leonel García and Noel Shajris left the stage to focus on their solo careers. 8 long years for fans of the kings of the ballad. Now, after many rumors, the wait is over. The duo Sin Bandera said that would reunite again for a historical tour called "One last time."

For this tour, the duo of Mexican and Argentine not only present his hits like "Kilometros", "Come into my life" and "You lie so well," but also provide a new EP, with five previously unreleased tracks, bearing the same name of the tour: "One last time."

"We are very happy to return after 8 years. When Noel talked and I said it must be done now and not larger old plus we realized that our issues are in force among young people, "said Noel Shajris.

For the presentation of the new album, Sin Bandera publish, on 8 January, the promotional hit called "In this no", while the rest of the album will be released in physical and digital one month later.

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