Amy Winehouse
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Soulful To The End

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 Whether a lot of people pick Amy Winehouse, Amy definitely deserves a moment in the spotlight to continue on singing the way that had all of us turn our heads in wonderment.  

What makes a Diva? Their life becoming all too public unbeknownst to them? The stories these women tell in their songs? Or the heartbreaking endings many have ended with? Too many questions have been raised yet we are all left with the knowledge that these Divas where human after all.  

Amy Winehouse found a role in music that posted the infamous image of a troubled Jazz/Pop singer around the world. Criticized, thrown around with words used by the press and stumbled into the public view in the worst way imaginable. Sadly it would not be until the documentary 'Amy' appeared at Sundance that virtually anyone that heard the name Amy Winehouse would finally come to realize what we as the public and media had done to this young soulful singer.  

No one wants to say that a singer became a Diva because of the tragedy that ensued but in Amy Winehouse's case that is partially true. Only that it would take a bit of time to come and see not only the talent that emerged from each breath Amy took to sing out. But the writing style that haunts, captivates and bestills our mere understanding of heartache, pain and life.  

To solidify Amy as a Diva in my simplest opinion is one based on fact. From two studio albums Amy exposed parts of the soul that many of us would hide and bury. Facing reality with the troubled parts of the mind that tend to shadow our judgment. Amy showed us what was truth, that hiding was never needed and that even Amy herself was running and dealing with the same demons.  

The term Diva was never meant to mean 'who ordered around who' or 'who was the best'. Diva comes from the surreal understanding of baring the naked lyrics that would forever haunt everyone that comes to hear them in time. Amy did that action to the end and continues to do so each time someone presses play to one of Amy's songs.

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