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“Renaissance” in the twenty first century by Marcus Miller

Album reviewed by:

I have been in some deep thoughts these days before I started writing this article. This album helped me to get my thoughts all together. Honestly I am in music my whole life however before a couple of years I was still searching and trying to find my place in the world of music because I truly believed and still believe that music is the only thing I can do with love and passion. In that time I figured out that I want to become a singer (I always wanted but I didn’t have the courage to start singing in front of people really)!

Alright, so be it. I started getting lessons for classical singing at high school more frequently and of course as the time was passing I was more and more passionate about it. I started looking for singers that truly were technically perfect (example: singers with great high notes, with ability to do passages and so on). Still I didn’t have a clue about my life goal, but I was sure that I am on the right track to find out!

I have discovered a ton of singers and artists that influenced me since then and I feel really great about it. However before not too long ago I discovered one thing about myself, something that I think is also happening in the World of Music too.

I figured out that I am not looking for good singers anymore! This world had been enough saturated with big voices and what is the human voice capable of. In the first half of the past century it was maybe enough to sing well technically with a pleasant timbre of the voice, but now you cannot succeed really being just a singer with a beautiful voice. To be great in a great way you have to be a complete artist and a musician! I concluded that I am looking for people that really have some point and a message to tell, a story, a vision, an idea that is opening our minds and thoughts.

This world doesn’t need perfect singers anymore. We need artists that have their own expression, their own story to tell, that has not been told. Something that is inside all of us, but these people found a way to transmit that into music and touch our souls with it.

One of that timeless albums is “Renaissance” by Marcus Miller. I have attached my favorite two tracks from this album. This album definitely represent world music and it is a perfect fusion of different genres: jazz, funk, R&B, post pop, rock. It is more instrumental concept and arrangement. In this album firstly you will find the wonderful Marcus Miller on the bass guitar as a lead instrument which is not happening very often. the saxophonist Alex Han, on drums Louis Cato, keyboardist Federico Gonzalez Peña and guitarist Adam Agati. From Guests include Gretchen Parlato, trumpeters Maurice Brown and Sean Jones, organist Bobby Sparks, and more.

The album has its own message and story for every individual. For me, while listening to it, it really touches me and it makes me thinking of life and our purpose here on planet Earth. The album will take you on another planet if you let it! A powerful but also very sensitive and touchy music, this album has a perfect name for it! It is a real “Renaissance” in the twenty first century!