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The Return of The New Queen Diva

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It is the question everyone most probably doubt themselves with all the time. Why do people get so hook with music? Experiencing goosebumps when hearing the sound of music clinging to their ears or maybe growing some eye bags because you find it hard to sleep at night for the reason that, the song keeps on repeating and bringing you wide awake, don’t worry because you just got hooked.

Wonder why it gives people chill? Or eye bags perhaps? It’s because people relate to music. They put, relate or associate themselves to music. It’s like they’re crying their hearts out alongside, of course the music. Well, that’s what good music do, it carves its way inside the listener’s heart and soul.

Since we’re talking about good music here or music which cuts deep to every listener’s heart, no one could probably roll deeper, much deeper, than Adele. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or simply but famously known as Adele, is an English singer and songwriter, which every music lover is familiar with. She’s been on the music limelight way back to 2006, earning a contract after graduating in the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology. Upon her early flight to the top of the music scenes, she’s been on account with numerous awards and recognitions like the first woman on the Billboard Hot 100 to have three top ten singles, and simultaneously, and also the first female to have two successive albums on the Hot 200’s top five. These are just glimpse of Adele’s countless awards.

Those awards are result of her tremendous talent of creating and singing soulful and heart-crunching songs. Of course, who could forget her hit singles “Someone Like You”, who left everyone crying liquids on their eyes with this emotionally filled song about a broken relationship. For sure, everyone experiences being broke at times.Another one of her famous hit is no other than “Rolling in the Deep”, which is speaking about the depth she experienced within her, but in poetic fashion.  

Now, start wondering why Adele’s songs connect with most listeners? Because, they experience such, everything written down and heard on the lyrics is part of people’s lives. Shed many tears hearing those songs before? Don’t’ worry and cry even harder with her newly released single, “Hello”, on her third album, 25. Adele’s comeback couldn’t be more dramatic as she produces another soulful song.Kudos! She does know how to make a pretty good entrance after being quiet for three years. Making a guess about its meaning, it’s all about reconnecting and getting back, no, not with her ex-boyfriend but reconnecting with herself. Her phenomenal vocals plus the soulful lyrics of the song definitely says it all with this Adele comeback. Her song’s passionate connection to every listener was missed and will be surely loved now that she has returned. 

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