Jesus Calling: Instrumental Songs For Devotion
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For Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Album reviewed by:

I am fond of listening to instrumental music when I work.

I find instrumental music relaxing and especially so if it is an instrumental cover of a Christian worship song, just like what is offered in this album. It helps me focus and even work or write better. It also somehow creates  a more peaceful and stress-free atmosphere at home (where I also work). This kind of music can also be used, of course, during times of reflection, retreat or prayer. In other words, for times of devotion as this album was apparently aimed for.

This 2011 released album then is not far from my heart. It meets my need for insturmental music while at work, at rest and during my own times of personal reflection and worship. While the 10 selections of well-loved Christian tunes in the album are good, I have to admit that some tunes here seem to capture my heart and senses better than the others. 

To my ears, these are the specific selections that easily uplifts my spirit: Here I am to Worship, Be Still and Know, El Shaddai and Thy Word. The rest of the songs in the album are still well done musically but these four are just tops for me.

I am not sure if the reason that the other insrtumental pieces in the album did not perk my ears or my spirit as much is because they are quite very popular for some time now (that is, in recent years until now). It's like they have been around too much. 

Still the general feel of this album is well and good. For those like me who love instrumental music, including Christian instrumental music this album can serve you well. Overall, it does serve its purpose of calling you to a place of rest. And yes, it does call to those who have ears to hear to encounter the Prince of Peace, the Savior of the world.