Free Nelson MandoomJazz
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Free Nelson Mandoomjazz

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Find your black shapeless garment and put it on! Get ready for ceremonies and rituals! Get ready for the experiments and the unforgettable trip into the darkest pleasures of jazz and noise. Yes, this is a doomjazz. The style is special itself; but the band I’m about to introduce to you is not just a doomjazz act. It is Free Nelson Doomjazz, which means everything is possible while you’re listening to the sharpen sounds of this trio from Edinburgh.

Everything is possible, trust me. The band consists of three musicians: Colin Stewart, Paul Archibald and Rebecca Sneddon. Bass, drums and alto saxophone can make you go crazy before the beginning of the ceremony! Everyone is nervous and anticipating but you’re already going crazy and wicked. And the reason is the experimental noise-jazz. Blame it on the doom beats, a stoner bass and a brain-cutting sax!

Imagine rabbits pointing fingers at you because you are not enough drunk for this stormy weather and a mystical place you’re about to visit and lose your mind. Imagine dark clouds dancing in the sky because The Nelson Mandoomjazz has told them so. Everything is real when the real magician is about to play some music for everyone who seems to be ready for this. You are about to be initiated while listening to “The Shape of Doomjazz to Come”. And then go ahead and check the other works of the trio.

The sounds are dirty and clean at the same time. You’ll be dancing all alone in an empty room trying to catch your own shadow. And those rabbits will knock on your door! The want to buy you a drink and give you stones with the secrets graven on them. Every single thing is possible, but don’t be afraid. Those things won’t harm you. They just will bring something very, very special into your life. Free Nelson Mandoomjazz, hell yeah!

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