The Kramford Look
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The Kramford Look

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What a beautiful night! I feel like I am writing some noir short stories somewhere in Africa. Of course, you do want to know why I feel so. And I’ll tell you why. There is a little secret for such an amazing feeling I’ve got. This secret is playing right now. It is called “The Kramford Look”. Oh, what a sophisticated, sweet and viscous secret it is! You’ve got to feel it.

The Kramford Look is a fantastic duo consisting of Daniel Wood and Pierre Duplan. Guys make a sort of music you simply cannot define and describe with words. It is some space noir trips through the jungle, big cities and lovers’ unmade beds. The Kramford Look is a talking secret coquetting with you. It sighs, smiles and seduces you. Sounds are so soft, rich and tremendously hitting the spot deep in your heart.

The style of the band is a perfect soundtrack for every person dreaming of a perfect soundtrack for a dream. Something like that, yep. It’s a pop being played in a chamber with wonderful loving women: they drink their green cocktails and laugh. They want an adventure with you. Silk touching, looks that give you shivers and a constant after-taste of life’s beauty. It cannot be wrong. Everything is for you and about you. Imagine a drunk fairy telling you funny secrets in a spaceship. And The Kramford Look is the only soundtrack which can be played in a situation like this.

The Kramford Look is a pure talent. This is their dreamy style.

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