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Revolutionary Jazz

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I am coming from the future to tell you Tigran Hamasyan is going to be one of the most important composers. Why am I claiming this? Well, his songs, full of inspiring melodies, are surprisingly explosive, original and timely shifts of rhythm and style. The way in which he improvises is going to be impressive not only to those who follow jazz but to every audiophile on the planet.

After Armenian lament To Love, Mockroot continues with burst that will leave you speechless. Attractive combination of classic jazz with metal approach to playing (especially when it comes to rhythm section) is obvious on Song For Melan And Rick and Double-Faced. Listen to those two and you will hear what I am talking about here. Aesthetic culmination of the whole release comes with The Roads That Bring Me Closer To You. If it wasn’t his song, I would think I am listening to Enrico Morricone. Piece of advice: listen this on repeat.

Lilac dominates the middle of the album. Gorgeous neoclassic ballade fully played on piano. After the calming intermezzo, Tigran serves you the dish full of different music tastes everyone would expect to turn out like a slop. Instead, Hamasyan’s composing vision is boiling in perfect energy. Just wow!

Last third of the album does not have a shock value because Hamasyan has already given us enough of that. The only song standing out is The Apple Orchard in Saghmaosavanq, brilliant track that starts with melancholy and ends with an epic, euphoric crescendo.

If someone told you how an Armenian jazz piano player sounds completely revolutionary in a jazz context, you would think it is an overstatement. Just listen to Mockroot and you will be in the same overstate of mind.

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