The Demon Diaries (Deluxe)
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Jazz Demon To Set Your Autumn On Fire

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Experimenting  is a null hypothesis of both love and music. When an artist decides to experiment with his sound, he sometimes creates something lovely and sometimes, the product is a disaster. Latest Parov Stelar’s album is an example of how you conduct a great experiment. Pioneer of electro swing has succeeded to recycle his methodology and offer us another high quality album. His discography is impressive – thirteen albums and many EPs. Ofcourse, there are some messy records in Parov’s collection, but that is expected when you release one thing after another.

The Demon Diaries brings 13 fun, euphoric tunes wrapped up in nu-jazz, downbeat and electronic. There is considerably less house influences than in his previous work.  It is more about jazz as a subtext and a pop as a front runner. Many features have enriched the album, making it more vocally intense that any of his previous albums. The attention given to the guest singers shows Parov’s willingness to emphasize an importance of good vocal interpretation. This is a diary handwritten by someone who knows how autotune killed the pleasure of listening to beautiful voices.

Demon Dance offers a cool, nu-jazz electro entrance to the album. It is a smart teaser for what you are going to get. There are no weak spots on the album. Clap your hands brings swing and downtempo to the game with female vocals that make you clap your hands. Thematically, most of the songs are light with dance rhythms and easy memorable lyrics. I need L.O.V.E is a perfect representation of it, probably one of the songs with the most potential to become a club hit. Demon inside Parov Stelar is kindly seducing us and taking us to the beach. Just listen to Gin Tonic and you will hear what I mean.

Parov Stelar is stellar. It is a victorious project of an Austrian DJ who knows how to generate a good atmosphere on the album. Demon Diaries is not dark, as album name would suggest it, rather open and joyful, a true ray of sunshine to keep us warm during the forthcoming jazzy winter.