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SNARKY PUPPY: A Casual Listener’s Review

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I will be honest: I am no musician, much less a music critic. My encounters with Jazz are limited to a few presentations of my son’s High School Jazz Band.  Heck! Judging by the number of jazz titles I have, I just realized I may not even like Jazz that much…but for some strange reason Snarky Puppy appeals to the rocker inside of me.

Snarky Puppy is exclusively instrumental, which in theory put me off almost immediately, but their music also includes elements of R&B and symphonic rock creating an amazing musical experience unlike any other jazz band that I am aware of and making their sound appealing to casual listeners, like me.

So I kept searching, listening and watching until I came across Lingus (We Like it Here) video. Trust me.  I don’t even know how to describe this but musical genius at work. Clean guitar solos, each of the members of the horn ensemble are ridiculously good and the keyboard: OMG… I can only say it evoked one of my favorite bands of all ages: “Yes”, I just kept waiting for Jon Anderson’s voice to suddenly appear and make my life complete again.

When this video was finally over the only thing I could think of doing was laugh at these phenomenal talented musicians and the music they create.