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Lonerism Was Better

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In a long and impressive history of rock n roll, we have heard almost every combination of genre. Big talents have mixed the unmixable, leaving the audience and critics in a shock. We could say everything was possible to coexist with everything. Or maybe not? For example, disco and psychedelic. Big fans of both genre, members of Grateful Dead were excited to mix psychedelic melodies and disco rhythms but it turned out to be great failure. The result was their worst record ever. The Beach Boys have converted their track from psychedelic phase Here Comes The Night into a disco rhythm monster that separated the audience and the public.

Tame Impala is walking the same brave road. After the success of their second album Lonerism, Australians build up the confidence. They are not afraid of anything, at least not of combining genre. Their new album Currents is a solid record but nothing more than that. In a kingdom of beautiful sounds and flirting rhythms, they have lost that something special. No more kings in this kingdom.

The album starts with the clear letter or intention: 8 minute long Let It Happen took me through dreams, harmony, paradise, irritation, nonsense and redundancy. Section happening at the end of fourth minute I still can’t understand, even though psychedelic is not the unknown genre for me. Moaning continues on Nangs and The Moments sounds like an old news.

Yes I’m Changing is a great piece of progressive pop and I can’t wait for George Michael to cover it. Eventually brings out the emotion in the listener that is expected from Tame Impala. The Less I Know The Better takes us back to the problem of familiarity while Past Life irritates with the speaking section and clumsy concept. Last three songs on the album keep up with the glory Tame Impala has. Still, this is pretty uneven collection that was glorified much more than it deserves.

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