We Are All Just Floating Objects
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A journey too short

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So, I have a new roommate, he’s from Ireland and seems like a really cool dude. He’s also a musician, and the main reason for his journey to Serbia is the chance to have some gigs, get to know our people and culture and, of course, to chill out a little bit before he goes back to Ireland to his normal life. His stage name is JJ Jupiter, he has his own band and they released EP that will be the main topic in this review.


JJ Jupiter is, at the first look, just another indie rock artist playing tunes similar to many other musicians from this genre. But the truth is, as it is always the case, a little bit different. Indie rock with the addition of speeded up Americana and coated with a thin layer of brit-pop is really something different; a kind of music that is less prominent these days, swallowed up by indie pop bands playing music accessible for the wide masses with empty lyrics and four chords songs. I mean, if we’re being honest, song structures in We are All Just Floating Objects are not that much different from the four chords formula that can be found in a big part of popular songs today, but they have something, some tiny spark allowing this music to just stand out from the crowd.


And that quality is even more polished with lyrics, dealing mostly with Anti-globalizationand anti-capitalism, along with more mainstream subjects such as love and other romantic disasters. Songs are enjoyable, perfect for both live gigs and the post wake up listens in the comfort of your home, solitary strolls through the wilderness and sped up marches through the urban areas. Production is surprisingly well done, with rich audio image and without any poorly recorded parts; the ep is really a joy to listen to because the sound is lush, melodies are clear and vocals are not too strong or too weak, they are perfectly fitted with the instruments, the drum sound is just a little bit low but that is completely subjective remark, because the reviewer is more accustomed to metal drumming.


All in all, We are All Just Floating Objects is really well-made piece of indie rock music, it will be enjoyable both to the fans of the genre as well as to people that have a bit different music interests. There are five songs and the length is just under 18 minutes, and when looking back at the review the length is the biggest complaint about this release, but it’s something that can be easily improved with their next (hopefully full length) release.


Standout songs: Patient Man; Lonely Planet; The Best Things