Return To The Moon
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The National + Menomena

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I am sure if these two fellas sign up on PerfectMatch, they would turn out to be 100% compatible. I am in love with their collaboration. Without any doubt, The National and Menomena are the most eminent names in the world of indie rock. Discography of both bands is saturated with high quality album. Boys from Menomena have struggled after Brent Knopf left the band and dedicated to his solo project Ramona Falls. We have already witnessed the mutual project of the two bands. Pfarmers have made a solid album but now we have a new story – FL VY.  Matt Berniner and Brent Knopf have joined their forces in order to present us with a very interesting project. After recognizable work in their mother bands, they have decided to offer something new but still familiar enough.

EL VY connects the best facets of both bands, it screams indie rock and experimental sound that Menomena is known for.  Return To The Moon has subtly mixed the melancholy of The National and eclecticism of Menomena. This album is a piece of jewelry. It is a reminder that indie rock is more vigorous than ever before and there is still much originality to come.

Matt Berniger’s vocal is in the first plan. The sentimental baritone is more self conscious, sincere and foolish than ever before. He only remembered me how much I love The National. Brent Knopf is an expert when it comes to mixing sounds and creating background for a perfect record. He had already proved that with his solo project.

The album incorporates both fun moments and depressive episode, but that doesn’t  affect the overall impression of parsimonity. Title track Return to the Moon is a fun opener. Happiness, Missouri is one of the cheerful experimental tracks. I’m the Man To Be and Silent Ivy Hotel sound like they have sneaked in from Boxer, while the most beautiful ballade No Time to Crank The Sun reminisces Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers. Berninger’s sad baritone is extremely good in this one.

This is the album that almost has no weaknesses. If I had to choose inferior tracks, they would be Sad Case and Careless but overall, it is a fun story that tells us we will never be disappointed by the works of The National and Menomena.