The First Days Of Spring
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Album or Film? Noah and the Whale - The First Days Of Spring

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I would like to introduce if you haven’t heard yet of course, one of my favorite psychedelic and indie rock band named “Noah and the Whale” with their album name “The First Days of Spring”. One of the more reasons that I like about this band is their own unique expression that is followed by a strong thought and idea in their every piece of music. Every music work has its value and it is not made just to satisfy the market. This band comes from the United Kingdom.


If I am asked to make a list of the best albums by this genre, I would definitely name “The First Days of Spring”. Most significant fact about this album is the concept of itself. The concept of the album is made in a way that we can create our own flow of the events or in other words to create a story with different beggining and end.

Anyway the frontman of the group Charlie Fink has even given us a film for the album. So the album is actually the film and opposite, whatever you wish, however Charlie Fink says that first is album and then film, but if you look closely you will find a very strong connection between the two, and I am sure that you will say: - Yes this is what I missed while listening!


Perhaps their penchant towards the films is practically because even their very name of the Band is resulting from their favorite film – “The Squid and the Whale” and the film director’s name Noah Baumbach. So they made the album as a combination from two different arts that will touch your soul.


The string instruments within the less melancholic voice of the front man, is what makes this album so perfectly harmonious and pleasant, anti-stress cure for every day that is strained. Each track is especially enjoying, and worth “spending” your time on it.


Let me give you my thoughts about this album. Firstly I think it is an emotional voyage from a man prespective. It is about a man and his way, how he handles his own emotions. All that displayed in sound and video. It is really impressive the way he delivers the message how regular are we. How sometimes the feelings come in front of the thoughts, which is very relative and unpredictable thing. I really don’t want to tell you the whole film, but it is my pleasure to represent to you. Hopefully you are interested enough to take a look at this album, who knows maybe it will be your favorite too!